Limestone Restoration

Many repairs we perform are fixing other companies attempts of restoration upon entering the stone restoration business. Many of them lack the education and experience to complete a job. Nor do they budget the amount of effort, time, and cost of material & equipment required. In the following case study, limestone floors (originally a factory hone finish) were polished by another company. This presented a major problem. The floors were exterior or partly covered. Subject to weather, polished floors wear quickly. Slippage was another situation. Especially for stairways.
Advanced Stone Restoration was contracted to restore the floors back to original. All areas were resurfaced to a honed finish and sealed with a premium solvent based impregnator. Borders were also detailed with a color enhancing solvent based sealer for aesthetic reasons. The result was a beautiful floor that could hold a finish up to nature better and provide a safer surface. We were happy to have the volunteered assistance of the property management. Advanced Stone is always more than happy to provide instructions of proper maintenance for natural stone to all our customers.
If your residential or commercial property needs professional restoration services, please feel free to contact us at 292-1266.