Granite Polishing

The first question you should ask any company that wants to polish your granite counters is, “Are you polishing my granite or are you polishing wax into my granite?”
Most companies are not equipped or educated to work on granite. The only method they know is waxing to make a shine. Waxes = Fake Shine. It does not last and can only get worse over time. You can think of it as waxing a surfboard rather than a car. It collects dirt & debris, wears unevenly, and smudges.

The proper technique to polishing granite is mechanically with the use of abrasives and plain water. Granite is harder than calcite based stones such as marble, limestone, and travertine. Therefore, more physical effort is needed. Heat, psi, and rpm along with the proper abrasives and machinery can attain a natural high polished shine that will last forever with the proper maintenance which is very easy and inexpensive.
Pictured above is a granite island counter that was previously waxed. You can see how dingy, old, and dark it made the surface look. Advanced Stone Restoration polished the surface mechanically to a high polish which was clean and felt like glass. The finished product is now more resistant to fingerprints and smudges. Bacteria has no place to hide.

In addition to polishing, the surface has been sealed. Though, this granite does not stain easily, the sealer helps create a higher surface tension. This allows water to dry on the surface with little penetration into the stone. This helps maintain the shine on a very busy kitchen counter.